Why I will NOT join the demo against the Israeli embassy

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Because, although I do not support any form of war and bloodshed around the world, I see the leftist organizations that support the Arabs of Palestine are not willing to make any reference at all at the starting point of the current conflict in Gaza; that is, the fact that three Jewish kids were abducted and murdered in cold blood by Hamas for committing the crime of being Jewish… So, is that omission any kind of pro-peace attitude?

Because, later, when the young Arab was murdered, it was that “evil Zionist state of Israel” that initiated a large-scale procedure, including investigations by the much-hated Mossad, to find and arrest the murderers of the kid, while at the same time Israel’s opponents were offering every hospitality and help to the murderers of the three young Jews, and on top of that the Greek Left calls all these “Palestinian resistance”…
Because all these “anti-war demonstrations” outside the Israeli embassy are not opposing neither the Hamas tunnels nor the arms that it‘s been given by Iran and Hizbullah; quite the opposite I ‘d say. Greek leftist organizations like “Kontra” and the “Network for Solidarity to Palestinian Resistance”, the “Spartakus Network” and the newspaper “Route of Freedom” adopt slogans like “Victory to the arms of resistance” (see the photo) and in their texts support the “by any means” resistance against Israel; that is, “fighters” blowing up inside cafés and buses in Israel. Needless to say that one of the leaders of these organizations has been accepted and honored by Ismail Haniyeh himself. So, is all this part of a certain anti-war sentiment?

Because I am suspicious enough over the tension and the massive character of these demonstrations that take place because of the bloodshed – as they say, (even the leader of the leftist party of SYRIZA, Tsipras, wore a keffiyeh and rushed into a demo outside the Israeli embassy) since the very same people were much more than indifferent for the three-years-long bloodshed in Syria, where hundreds of thousands have been killed, or the beheadings and crucifixions of 1.500 people that have died in Iraq in the past July, or even the brutal murders of 50 leftists, by neo-Nazis in Odessa during the first days of May 2014. Isn’t weird that when the ‘Jewish state’ is on target all these people have to apply double standards, while they will not dedicate any of their demos in all other incidents on the planet, if they even know about them?

Because I have seen more than once the Arabs, as well as the western media (Reuters, BBC, etc), to construct or simply spread fake news from Gaza, adopting very often a non-objective stance towards the Israeli-Arab conflict and that fact seriously makes me wonder about their intentions. Nobody else does?

Because I see a certain selective sensitivity being applied on behalf of the left of this country towards the “poor Palestinians”, when the latter fight somewhere far from Greece against the so-called “Zionist state”, while when these Palestinians are being sustained in the Greek immigrants’ detention camps, then suddenly all sensitivity is gone… and even the guy with the keffiyeh outside the Israeli embassy, who happens to be the leader of the party of the alleged Radical Left speaks of a certain “immigration problem” in Greece. So, do the Arabs worth our solidarity as long as they keep in distance, as long as they live and die in Middle East?

Because I see more selective sensitivity on behalf of that Left when they compare Israel to “apartheid” or “nazis”, and they do forget (?) that their own country had one of the higher rates of Jews’ extermination in Europe in the second world war (86%) – and that means that just a handful of Greek Christians helped their Jewish compatriots to be saved by the Nazis, that this very country owns a national hymn that sings, among others, the slaughtering of thousands of non-combatant Muslims and Jews during the founding moments of the Greek state, that this very country does not recognize the existence of any ethnic minority, that this very country has an elected neo-Nazi party with 7% of the votes and ex-Nazi ministers… I wonder if this Left also forgets that Greece was recently found to be the most anti-Semitic country in Europe (69% of its citizens, according to ADL), while it has also been described as the worst state towards the human rights of Roma citizens, while the courts of this country recently acquitted a few coast guards for drowning immigrants’ children in the Aegean Sea, while the courts of this country also recently acquitted farmers that shot dozens of immigrants-workers for requesting their accruals… Does this Left also forgets, I wonder, the dozens of immigrants’ detention centers spread around the country (where about 10,000 of them are kept in the worst conditions). So, why doesn’t anyone look for the misery and pain, humiliation and death his/her own country offers, instead of finding alibis for all these in the face of the Israeli state? Why doesn’t anyone relax with Israelis and Arabs of Palestine alike and let them deal with the policies in their respective homelands?
Because I bitterly see that each time a war is bursting in the Middle East, big parts of the European Left adopt similar schemes of analysis and concepts of thoughts… As if the British Left has forgotten the British past, the murderous British Empire that even today owes its well-being and growth to other people’s money, work and sacrifices, in places so far as India. As if the German Left has forgotten the Holocaust and now re-enters the game of hunting the Jews that got away from her 70 years ago, by spreading bloody slogans like “Jews to the Gas!” in year 2014. As if the French Left has forgotten the corpses of Algeria, the just some months ago ‘walk’ of its troops in Africa, the awful expels of Roma people, or the long-term exclusion of immigrants in the Parisian suburbs. And it goes on like that. So, why anyone should take part in this hypocrisy?

Because finding me decisive against any fascism, having studied and dealt at a certain degree with the so-called “crime of the crimes”, the Holocaust, and understanding the exterminating nature of anti-Semitism, as well as that anti-Semitism has not stopped existing after 1945, I cannot discern, I cannot know when, I cannot tell the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. I have seen the images, I have seen the slogans, the placards, the texts and the goals of the todays’ anti-Zionist movement through Europe and beyond her, and I am saying that it is truly hard to make distinctions between any anti-Zionism, leftist or neo-Nazi, and anti-Semitism.

[A facebook post by SYRIZA (radical left) party candidate in the national elections of 2012, Eleni Andriopoulou, quoted saying: “You Hitler faggot, you were a clear-cut fascist, but you have never finished your job…“]

And since that’s how it goes, I can’t stand to be a part of an anti-war demonstrations that bears anti-Semitic expressions of speech and acts like that. Is it possible to forgive some anti-Semitism after Holocaust even if it is for an anti-war demo today? Not a chance!

Stepanyan TSP, August 04, 2014.

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